Information for readers

On the Open Education Platform you will find teaching resources and academic articles relating to all topic areas of the business sciences. In this section you will find information on how to search for and comment on contributions.

Searching for and saving contributions

To search for contributions on the platform, enter your search terms in the search field on the home page. If you prefer to browse existing contributions, you can do this in Collections. On the home page you will find three collections: Teaching resources, Academic articles and Topics. If you would like to download and read a contribution, please register and create a user account first. Once you have registered, all contributions will be available to you free of charge. We would be very grateful, however, if you could contribute towards the costs of operating the platform by making a Voluntary donation. Within your user account you can save, manage and comment on contributions.

Making a donation

The platform is financially supported by the Association of Management Schools Switzerland AMS. Each of the partner schools belonging to the association contributes toward the costs of hosting and editing the contributions. You may read our contributions and publish on our website for free. However, if you are not a member of an AMSS school or one of our Partner schools, we would be grateful for a voluntary donation towards the cost of operating the platform and the editorial work. Suggested donations are 20 Swiss Francs for one article or an annual payment of 100 Swiss Francs. You can make a donation by clicking the Donate button that appears whenever you download documents.

Commenting on contributions

The Open Education Platform offers users the opportunity to discuss the submitted contributions with the academic community. Once you have downloaded an article to your user account, you can evaluate it and offer constructive comments. Your evaluation will then be visible to all users of the platform. This means that authors receive feedback on their publications and the attention of readers is drawn to particularly useful contributions. At the same time, potentially critical aspects are identified and more detailed information or advice relating to the topic in question can be provided.

Conditions of use

How am I permitted to use the resources on OEP?

If you are a member of one of the AMS schools or of a Partner school, you can read, download and save the contributions to your own device free of charge. Any copyright-protected documents obtained in this way may be used for academic research or as part of teaching materials – with due compliance to the rules of academic citation. Distribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited under all circumstances. For example, commercial use would involve the use of a contribution to add to the information provided on a website that has a commercial purpose. Distribution of the content for non-commercial purposes is also prohibited. ‘Distribution’ is here defined as the provision of any type of access to the document for the benefit of third parties. This means that, for example, you may not upload any resources from OEP to a website for distribution. If you are not associated with an AMS school or a Partner school (“third party”), then once you have registered you may also use the resources subject to the above rules. The use of the resources by third parties is also free of charge. However, to help cover the operating costs of OEP platform, we would invite you to make a Voluntary donation.

In what ways can I use the teaching resources?

With regard to the use of teaching resources, users need to be aware of the following special provisions:

Information on whether teaching material has already been published by a publisher or the rights are held in full by the author is provided in the field „formerly published in“.

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